Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Meet Jeremy


If you want someone young, entering his 20’s, and looks in the small imperfections of life to find God’s graces, look no further than Jeremy Paraoan. A beloved child of God who stays very active not only in academia, not only in society, but also in his prayer life as well. Jeremy is the type of person who always stays true to his word and will find a way to showcase the beauty in any scenario. Through photography and a fun loving spirit, the beautiful things that we typically just pass by on the highway with no notice off to the sides can be seen at almost any time for everyone to view as Jeremy captures these things in his photos.

Active in several different catholic ministries, Jeremy has shaped his perspective on life to the point where almost every action he carries out can be considered praise to God. From praising God’s name through worship to teaching others how to improve certain skills, he can really show people the ropes to use. If you would like to reach Jeremy, he is on the following social media platforms:

Instagram: @questjay
Twitter: @Questjay78
Snapchat: @questjay78

“Hope to hear from you guys and God bless” – Jeremy Paraoan