LAJ Apparel Rewards

Join the LAJ Apparel Rewards Program today to receive exclusive offers and earn points.  Turn points into dollars off future purchases.  Or, save up your points to reach a $50 reward! How do you get started?

STEP 1:  GET STARTED.  To get started, click the "Rewards Program" icon at the bottom of this page to log-in or create a store account.  Be sure to enter your first and last name, email address and select your password to create your account.

STEP 2:  EARN POINTS.  We make earning points easy.  You have already earned 400 points just for joining today.  Earn additional points by:

  • Share Love Ann Joy on Facebook                         (200 points)

  • Like Love Ann Joy on Facebook                            (200 points)

  • Follow @LAJChristianApparel on Instagram         (200 points)

  • Refer a friend                                                         (1000 points)

  • Celebrate your birthday                                         (200 points)

  • Review a product                                                     (50 points)

  • Place an order                                                          (10 points for every $1 spent)

STEP 3:  TREAT YOURSELF!  Instantly redeem the points you've earned for your favorite LAJ Apparel apparel and accessories.  Rewards range from $5 to $50.


  • $5   Reward    with     500 points

  • $10 Reward    with   1000 points

  • $15 Reward    with   1500 points

  • $20 Reward    with   2000 points

  • $25 Reward    with   2500 points

  • $35 Reward    with   3500 points

  • $45 Reward    with   4000 points

  • $50 Reward    with   4500 points